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August 9, 2021

Inspired Living Residents and Families,

As the nation is seeing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases, we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep our residents and associates safe. While the spike is concerning, you can have confidence in knowing we are monitoring and adjusting operating procedures as needed. We continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and our state health department, while also consulting with multiple physicians and experts to ensure we have the most current guidance.

We operate balancing an abundance of caution and strict adherence to CDC guidelines, with the need to support our residents in enjoying every day of their lives. As a reminder, should we confirm an active case amongst residents or staff we will adjust to a quarantine status which will impact visitation.

Our ongoing protocols remain in place including mandatory masks for ALL associates, vendors, and visitors regardless of vaccine status. Residents do not have a mask mandate, but they are highly encouraged to wear masks (excluding Louisiana where masks are mandated). Visitors, associates, and vendors will continue to be screened upon entry using a COVD-19 questionnaire and temperature checks. Visitors should maintain 6 feet of social distance from the residents they are visiting and remain socially distant from other residents. We are orchestrating activities in smaller groups and focused as much as possible outdoors with distance and encouraging dining in small groups.

If a community has a resident or associate who has tested positive for COVID-19, that person will need to isolate, and the community will have a two-week period of restricted access and modified scheduling to reduce the risk of further exposure.

We encourage everyone to take this surge seriously - but rest assured, we are committed to fighting this indistinct battle and will execute our plan of action to ensure the safety and welfare of your loved one. Please reach out to your community’s executive director if you have any questions or concerns.


Lindsey Hacker
President and Chief Financial Officer
Validus Senior Living

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star insignia Inspired Living Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida

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